Electrothermic Manifold Actuator x 50 Units

Electrothermic Manifold Actuator x 50 Units

The Electrothermic Manifold Actuator is the ideal solution for individual room/zone control.

The actuator automatically opens/closes according to a signal received from the relevant zone thermostat.

Actuator features include:

Power Supply: 230/240 volt
Protection rating: IP44

Electrothermic actuator compact design with on/off.
Cap made of flame retardant plastic.
Chrome-plated brass threaded ring nut M30 x 1.5.
Normally Closed (N.C.).
Stroke : 3.5mm.
Power cable : 1 metre - dia. 5.5 mm.
Opening time :90 sec (start).- 3 Min (end)
Plug thrust : 140N (NC version) - 80N (NO version). Power consumption : 2,5W
According to EEC 89/336, EEC 73/23. CEI-EN 55104/95 CEI-EN 55014/93C.
Marking CE EN 60730- 214.
ENEC marking pending.